The Art of Music Gala

Saturday, February 23, 2019. Benefiting The Warren Center.

about the warren center

The Warren Center Mission 

The Warren Center advocates, serves and empowers the children and families impacted by developmental delays and disabilities.

Young children love to create works of art. Blocks become towers, houses and cars. Play-doh turns into wheels, snakes and cakes. A small fist wrapped around a crayon or paintbrush is the beginning of artistic scribbles, circles and lines. Therapists at The Warren Center use this natural tendency, combined it with therapeutic strategies, and create activities that teach new skills. Motor coordination and strength are improved by rolling, smashing and cutting play-doh. Language comprehension and expression are taught when attaching motion to rolling, patting, and pounding. Cognitive skills are strengthened and emotional skills addressed when learning to build a tower and dealing with it falling down.

Add music when working with any child and watch them light up. Songs are full of language that children absorb as they sing, dance and act out the words in a song. Their little faces scrunch up in concentration as they try to follow motions dictated by the words of the song. Gross and fine motor skills are honed by The Warren Center’s therapists as children attempt to make the “Itsy bitsy spider walk up the water spout” or fall down with the London Bridge.

At The Warren Center, the two goals of providing therapy to children with developmental delays and disabilities and equipping parents with the tools needed to help their child navigate through challenges are often met by using art and music.
For clients of The Warren Center, who struggle to communicate, walk, talk or complete tasks that seem so simple for their peers, the Early Childhood Intervention and Clinic Therapy Services. Programs help families face that future filled with uncertainty, doubt and grief. With the help of caring, professional therapists, children receive the treatment they need, and families are provided the resources and support they need. The result is empowerment for the whole family.

The Warren Center continues to prepare children and families for their brighter future, which may not look likeeveryone else’s, butis filled with newly learned skills, wrapped in love and hope.