The Art of Music Gala

Saturday, February 10, 2018. Benefiting The Warren Center.


The 2017 Art of Music Gala Artists


Lucy Dang.jpg

Lucy Dang

Lucy Dang is an award-winning fashion designer from Dallas, Texas. She aspires to create designs that will reveal a woman’s inner loveliness, as well as
showcase their outer beauty. Her designs can be found in boutiques such as
Runway Couture, Eleanor Schain and Lisa Moran to name a few. In 2013, she
was the proud winner of the the Belk Southern Designer Showcase, where she
landed her own spot in all of the Belk flagship stores for her Spring/Summer
2013 Lady by Lucy Dang line. See more of her work here

Angela Mia Goya 3.jpg

Angela Mia De La Vega

Angela Mia De La Vega produces unbelievable life-like bronze gurative
sculptures. Exalting the human spirit through expressive faces and natural
body movement has become the recognized trademark of Angela Mia De la
Vega's gurative bronze sculptures. Examples of her public and corporate
installations can be seen in numerous city plazas, shopping centers and public
parks throughout the country. American Women Artists, recently presented
Angela two prestigious awards. Her sculpture, Summer, received both Best in
Show and Best 3-Dimensional Work. See more of her work here.  


Daniel Padilla

Daniel Padilla is a nationally acclaimed and award-winning oil and acrylic canvas artist. His extraordinary paintings capture the essence of life through his unique treatment of light and dramatic use of color. He is intrigued by both abstract and representational elements
that he incorporates in his designs. His elegant compositions usually represent physical or imaginative places, often from dreams. He delights in creating works that capture emotional energy and spiritual light. Inspired by his love of music,
Daniel uses long, expressive brushstrokes to create his passionate works of art. See more of his work here. 

Luis Torres and Arazeli Torres.jpg

Luis Torres and Arazeli Torres

 Luis Torres is a self-taught artist from Ocampo Guanajuato, Mexico. He came to the U.S. in 1977 at the age of 11 and currently lives in Oak Cliff, Texas. He designs and create 3-dimensional art using metal, wood, plexiglass, mechanical parts and aluminum. Arazeli Torres is also a self-taught artist from Oak Cliff, Texas. She works with acrylic, charcoals, clay, wood and metal. Her sculptures
are made using found objects, metal and clay. Each piece usually tells a story towards issues of identity, self-exploration, life experiences and vulnerability. The couple enjoys performing at live welding shows where people are able to
watch the creative process of making metal sculptures. See more of their work here


Christina Yielding

 Christina Yielding is a local oil and acrylic on wood artist. She was introduced to the art world about twelve years ago. From the first time she put color on a canvas, something magical happened. Over the years that magical process led her from a hobby to a career. Christina paints solely on wood and custom builds each frame around every piece. No paint brushes are used in her artwork. Her
technique uses a variety of scrapers. When asked what inspires her work, Christina states “The boundless and infinite nature of this work frees my
imagination and silences my thoughts to allow for a happy accident infused with a measure of grace to ininfluence the finished project.” See more of her work here